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IP Access Control

Empowered with HID’s hardware for Physical Access Control (PACS) and Network Access Control (NAS) Systems, we powering the trusted identify for people, places and things. 

Intelligent IP Video

DTEQ’s offers real time video analytic solution that analyze video stream, identify and initiate alerts for various user-defined events, offering effective monitoring, detection, alerts and responses to events for a variety of application 

Smart Sensors Network

Effortlessly monitor assets and improve compliance visibility with our automated remote monitoring solutions. Collect, correlate and alert on business, clouds and IoT metrics all in one place. Choose from hundreds of sensors to solve any use case. 

Our Products

Integrated Security Management

Dimension-X (DX) platform unifies video, audio and data into one single command and control centre. It consolidates alarm management and priorization and automate the response management

Vehicle/ Visitor Management

The VVM/VMS system is designed to promote the security of the premise who place restrictions on both vehicle & visitors on the protected premise. It streamline the registration process and your authorized vehicles and visitors.

Event Management

Event/conference/ seminar management software. It automates marketing, registration, coordination and scheduling of events.

Asset Tagging & Tracking

The quickest way to track assets and inventory. Real-time tracking of assets, pull up locations, status and other specs with ease.

About DTEQ

DTEQ is a software integration house and solution provider. It integrates multiple edge devices for electronic security market. Building upon the management team that combines the experience and expertise of two main industries: security and information technology, swiftly move the company towards a leadership position in networked security management solutions.